The LEFIS-TN envisages to achieve a variety of organisational, managerial, educational (teaching & learning), research and policy outputs, which may be classified in nine categories, as it is explained in the following scheme:

  • LEFIS reports and surveys. This category comprises those internal and external reports. It should include at least:

    • A Report on the general and specific competences of the studies promoted by LEFIS (including a Report on the adequacy of LEFIS-defined competences to TUNING).
    • A Report on the LEFIS Teaching Model (including reports on feasibility and quality and e-learning issues).
    • A Final Report (including external evaluation reports).
  • LEFIS model e-Learning modules (pilot modules), one for each of the educational levels defined (Graduate, Postgraduate and Continuing Education).
  • LEFIS-qualified learning materials. The LEFIS-TN will design and publish nine sets of qualified learning materials, three for each defined teaching area (Law and Policy / Business and management / Informatics and Telecommunications) and educational level.
  • LEFIS-adapted courses and modules on IS Law and related subjects: all partners will be encouraged to implement the LEFIS and Tuning requirements in their respective teaching offer where possible.
  • LEFIS accreditation system, guidelines and codes of practice.
  • LEFIS association and trade mark.
  • LEFIS business plan.
  • LEFIS conferences, workshops and studies.
  • LEFIS Web Site and secure communication infrastructure.



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