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The LEFISpedia word comes from LEFIS and Wikipedia.

[|LEFIS] is the acronym of Le gal Framework for the Information Society.

Introduction Wikipedia is an encyclopedia written collaboratively by many of its readers.

LEFISpedia is a LEFIS Nework product. It is created from its teaching and research activities by anyone that wants to colaborate in its creation, proposing concepts related with the subjects that are considered objective of LEFIS.

Domains [aspects of life that are modified]


1.1.1 Information Society Digital divide

1.1.2 Change

Rights and duties

1.2.1 Ethics

1.2.2 Moral rights

1.2.3 Freedom of expression

1.2.4 Privacy Sensitive personal data

1.2.5 Contracts Telematic contracts Liability Consumer rights

1.2.6 Intellectual protection

Commerce / Business Business by sectors Electronic commerce / E-Business

1.3.2 Intellectual property rights Commercial property rights protection modalities Copyright Trademark Utility model Patent Domain name registration Rights management Copyright licensing Open source Digital rights management Fair use


1.4.1 Governance

1.4.2 Electronic government / electronic administration

1.4.3 Areas of government [not as tools but as objects] Foreign activity Taxation Regulations and control Economic promotion Public infrastructures and services Education and culture Health Social protection Security and order


1.5.1 Infringements

1.5.2 Plagiarism

1.5.3 Cybercrime Phising

1.5.4 Security measures

Procedures and tools [Disciplines and procedures acting on the real world]

Politics and policies

2.1.1 Political principles definition Digital inclusion Content regulation Consumer protection

2.1.2. Political strategies

2.2.1 Law creation Information Technology Law Soft law Certification Codes of practice Trust seals Public Law Public bodies

2.2.2 Litigation Legal text access Legal texts interpretation Legal texts interpretation in context Legal texts application Application of legal texts in context Disclosure of evidence Electronic disclosure of evidence Dispute resolution Online dispute resolution

Management (control procedures)

2.3.1 Quality assurance

2.3.2 Auditing

2.3.3 Surveillance

Education and information

2.4.1 Levels Graduate education Postgraduate education Doctoral education Training

2.4.2 By media Visual information Oral information Written communication Multimedia information Online communication Virtual reality


2.5.1 Information and communication technologies (ICT) (general) Internet Physical structure Virtual structure Knowledge representation and organization Databases Extended markup language (XML)


2.6.1 Social Science research methods

Agents [Actors and Entities]


3.1.1 Rights collection entities and actors Copyright collection agencies

3.1.2 Legal entities and actors Regulators Judicial offices Supreme courts High courts Office of justice Registrars Notaries Prosecutors Lawyers

3.1.3 Business entities and actors Engineers Internet service providers

3.1.4 Non governmental entities

3.1.5 Political parties

3.1.6 Citizens Consumers



4.1.1 Law

4.1.2 Technology

4.1.3 Sociology

4.1.4 Psychology

4.1.5 Philosopy





5.2.1 Scope International National Local

5.2.2 Political Geography Supranational organizations [It must allow multiple pertenence] National organizations [It is divided into states, regions, municipal associations and cities; problem: it can vary according to]

Form and Media


6.1.1 English

6.1.2 Finnish

6.1.3 German

6.1.4 Lituanian

6.1.5 Polish

6.1.6 Portuguese

6.1.7 Spanish

6.1.8 Turkish

6.1.9 …


6.2.1 Online / Telematic

6.2.2 Digital / Electronic


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