The LEFIS Thematic Network II pursues to develop, implement and consolidate a cross-national teaching and research infrastructure which adequately responds to the needs and problems raised by the information and knowledge society. This overall goal may be split into three interwoven objectives, namely:

  • The design and development of coherent, common training and study programmes, providing for a teaching offer in IS Law and Governance (covering Law, ICT Law and related issues) which effectively matches the social needs and expectations according with the EU high education initiatives and the Tuning methodology. The initial reference is the LEFIS teaching offer for 2004-2005
  • The development of a certification and implementation system which assures the quality, consolidation, exploitation and dissemination of those programmes.
  • The consolidation of a research and policy-making infrastructure capable of carrying out legal, economic and social studies and regulative proposals on ICT, ICT Law and the governance of the information and knowledge society.

The dissemination work, diffusion and consolidation of the project outputs, shall warrant the creation and spreading of integrated knowledge which reflect into several paramount spheres for the development of the forthcoming society, such as the theoretical framework for e-governance, the increased human capacity in terms of lawyers with strong skills in the ICT legal issues and of better prepared civil servants and technicians workforce.

The project results thus will reinforce the EU education policies and initiatives and will enrich it with additional knowledge on the legal implications of the knowledge society. Moreover a common understanding will allow for a further integration of the processes which in turn will result in more consistent European high education space.




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