Workshop on Artificial Intelligence and Law: The regulation of electronic social systems. Law and the Semantic Web


IVR '05-Granada , May 24th-29th

May 25th-27th

The emergence of the Internet, and more recently the availability of web-based services and the wide ranging implications of the Semantic Web proposal have brought to light the need to establish conventions that facilitate interactions among agents. Such agents --that can be human or software entities-- may be autonomous and independent, and may get involved in a variety of activities, ranging from the simple use of computer services (e.g. a printer) to complex negotiation involving the creation or maintenance of virtual enterprises. One way of addressing that need is to conceptualize agent interactions as happening in a virtual social environment that is somehow regulated in order to make them more effective. There are a number of proposals-- most stemming from the AI community-- some more concerned with the conceptual and formal aspects that need to be addressed, others with the pragmatic and engineering issues involved. The field is active enough to establish a meaningful dialogue with the legal tradition that underlies the true theoretical and practical aspects of the area. Work has been recently done on legal ontologies and their epistemological grounds. Perhaps it is worthwhile to maintain separate the legal, epistemological and cognitive models underlying the ontological construes. But there is a discussion still to be done among scholars working in the crossroad domain of legal social sciences. The workshop would bring together some of the leading researchers in the field to debate on the current proposals and the foreseeable developments.
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